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a couple things:

1. great character animation in this episode

2. how is nyarth driving??? and why???



she does dive straight at him, huh?
New Episode Tittles For XY051 and XY052


XY051: Hawlucha and Dark Hawlucha?


XY052: Ninja Art Showdown! Froagadier vs. Barbacle!!


Credit goes to Dephender and Vallhala for the info and pictures.

So Shiny Hawlucha and the Water Starter Curse being broken? Oh and seems like Sanpei got upgraded from COTD to Reccuring Character to Kalos League Rival.






I feel like this needs to be adressed.

Sometimes, you only need a few words to break the fans. And I think that was the case with this one.

If I may remind you of Musashi’s/ Jessie’s,  Kojiro’s/ James’ and Nyarth’s/ Meowth’s background story, you will see that they indeed had various possibilities. Musashi could have become a nurse, a contestant, and now a cook. Kojiro could have been the heir to a rich family, a sky battle master, and, again, a cook. Nyarth could have had the love of his life or could have become a cook.

And they threw it all away.

It was bad enough with their “solo” jobs because we have seen how happy Musashi could have been as a nurse together with Chansey/ Blissey. We saw the love and trust between Growlie and Kojiro. We saw how Nyarth willingly decided to take up the difficult task of learning another language just for love - as a Pokémon!

And their stories just destroyed these possibilities.

But that’s not all.

I would like to remind everyone that Musashi and Kojiro aren’t bad people. You may remember how they released Arbok and Wheezing to protect the Ekans and Koffing, despite being under attack from a Tyranitar and even holding the attacker off? You may remember how Musashi released her Dustox just so it could find love? You may remember how Kojiro left Chimecho behind, a Pokémon he’d dreamt of having since his childhood and which he dearly loved - so much even that he protected it from his team members - just for it to become better? You may remember how Team Rocket essentially played the bad guys and allowed themselves to be caught and blasted away on purpose just so Blissey wouldn’t lose her job? And, in this very episode, instead of just taking their pay from that lady, they even asked not to be payed?

And here again: They had the chance to become happy, even as a trio. The payment they got seemed to be really, really good, they enjoyed their work, they had people who admired, loved and thanked them for their cooking skills, and they still threw everything away.

And that is how Pokémon, too, can destroy you. Because even if it was by their own wills that they gave up on this future, it is still a waste to see such people just not getting happiness.

And yes, they are my favourite main characters, shut up.

I don’t really have time to go into tl;dr, so I’ll keep it short.

TRio isn’t unhappy with their lives. They love their life and have no regrets. Why? Because simply they’re together with each other. And why yes, they enjoy being in Team Rocket doing job for their beloved Sakaki-sama as well. They wouldn’t give up such life so easily. They tried many times, but failed, which shows how nothing else really works for them, at least for now.

Ans btw, they’re perfectly aware what’s their role in the show - if they stepped down as villains they wouldn’t be able to be in the show anymore! xD

I’d just like to add two cents.
There are a ton of people that leave behind the jobs they could do for the goals they want to achieve in life, and I think that’s what the TRio is constantly doing. They want Pikachu, and they won’t stop until they get him. They’ve found a happiness of their own sorts, the happiness of the chase. You have to find the happiness in the journey and not the destination in such a life. I think they’ve mostly realized that.

I like to think of things like this as foreshadowing.

When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog.
A Somali student, on what has surprised her most about the United States. (via tastefullyoffensive)

James and this hand …

hahaha, whaaaat?


James and this hand …

hahaha, whaaaat?

I’ve been seeing the dub version of this going around lately. Here’s the original Japanese for the record.

Some notes:

  • Kojiro says he and Musashi are allies/friends (“naka”), using the pronouns “boku” and “kimi.” These are more intimate/familiar pronouns than he typically uses. And, no, Nyarth was not included because he literally says “me and you” to Musashi.
  • Kojiro’s line after he scrambles up the cliff is kind of ambiguous. In Japanese, it’s simply, “Musashi no…”, or “Musashi’s…”
  • Musashi is ALL ABOUT CONSENT, YO.
  • The voice actors are really animated in this scene. Musashi and Kojiro sound a lot more subdued/mature now.